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At Excel Learning Centers, we realize that your goal as a parent is to provide the best experience possible for your child. We want to see our students grow into successful adults and eventual role models for another generation. To that end, Excel Learning Centers utilize the Creative Curriculum™ with a variety of activities specifically designed for your child’s individual age group.

The Excel Learning Center follows the philosophy that children learn best through play. To maximize your child’s experience, we employ play techniques to encourage the growth of the whole child by strengthening each domain within.

For example: To strengthen social skills and language growth, dramatic play is encouraged. Playground time is used to enhance gross motor skills and large muscle groups. Puzzles and other manipulative toys are helpful in the development of fine motor skills as well as problem solving. Students are encouraged to do for themselves as much as possible to strengthen self-esteem and build self confidence.

Excel has programs tailored to four distinct age groups: Infant/Toddler, Pre-K, NC Pre-K and School Age in teaching children respect for others and their feelings. Children use this time not only to learn more about other cultures and ways of life, but to learn more about themselves as well. Meals are served “Family Style” and are treated as a learning experience also. Teachers use this time to promote language skills, courtesy, patience, thanksgiving, and good hygiene habits. Everyday is a new learning experience for the teachers and the children, as we are all growing as people each day. The more we know about how children learn, the better prepared we are to help them explore and experience the world around them and, in turn, prepare them for their roles as productive and well rounded adults.

Details and examples of our Creative Curriculum™ can be obtained by contacting us via e-mail, phone or by appointment at one of our 14 locations.

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