Infants & Toddlers

A great start for babies

We welcome babies from 6 weeks of age

Children are born ready to learn. Each new experience is a learning experience, and the connections that these early experiences make in a baby’s brain are the most important ones of all. Like building a house, what comes first lays the foundations for what happens later on.

Learning at this age occurs through their everyday routines. This is why our educators see diaper changing, feeding, cuddling, waking up and going to sleep as opportunities to introduce experiences that will help infants learn about moving, communicating, understanding their surroundings and forming relationships with other people.

Babies develop best when they have a trusted educator who can read their cues and respond to their needs. Our educators make sure each child receives plenty of individual attention and are lovingly cared for. Talking, playing, singing, reading, listening, moving, feeding, watching and touching are just a few of the many ways we nurture babies’ early intellectual, communication, physical, social and emotional development skills to help provide strong foundations for ongoing learning.

Our educators work closely with families to create a caring environment, where every baby is valued, and their abilities, interests and routines are respected and followed.

  1. With interesting finger food and lots of encouragement, our educators use meal times to help infants develop their coordination and fine motor skills.
  2. Educators playing peek-a-boo at diaper changing time to help babies learn that people and objects continue to exist, even when they can’t see, hear or touch it.
  3. A secure bond with a familiar educator makes children feel safe and supported, and helps them develop a strong sense of identity and belonging.
  4. Educators use quiet play times to help baby muscles learn to develop and move independently.
  5. What happier way to learn about communication with others than lots of talking and smiles?

Stepping up to Toddlers

Toddlers are full of energy and curiosity. Learning through their everyday routines, this is the age when children start to become aware of their independence. Our staff will talk to you to get your insight into your child’s interests and needs, so together we can plan their program in a way that helps them build confidence, interact with others and develop new skills.  Our educators use this knowledge to guide children through new experiences around early language, math, science and more, in a way that interests them and inspires them to explore.

Your toddler’s communication skills move ahead at a remarkable rate as they progress from baby sounds to words and phrases, and his or her educator will plan engaging ways to build early literacy skills and communication with others. As toddlers become more active, it’s a great time for developing new gross motor skills too.  Our educators plan for plenty of active play, indoors and out.

  1. Forming bonds with adults outside their family helps toddlers understand who these adults are and what they can do. These special relationships are the platform from which they learn to trust and explore, knowing they have a safe place to come back to.
  2. By encouraging toddlers to express themselves in different ways, educators help them develop a whole range of skills from communication to creative thinking to hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and self-confidence as well.
  3. Toddlers love to dance – which is a great opportunity for educators to help them develop coordination, creative expression, communication skills and social awareness. Translating movement expression into words is also one of the stepping stones to developing literacy skills.
  4. Sharing toys and equipment is an opportunity to help toddlers understand the concept of fairness and learn to connect and communicate effectively with others.

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