School Age Programs

Our Time, Our Place

Designed for the dynamic, ever-changing needs of today’s active children, our school-age program emphasizes a safe, organized, and supervised environment responsive to the interests and developmental needs of your child.

Child Initiated, Child Led Learning

Being, Becoming, Belonging

 A Child Initiated, Child Led approach to learning allows children to challenge and extend their own thinking, and that of others and create new knowledge in collaborative interactions and negotiations. Children’s active involvement changes what they value, what they know, what they can do; and transforms their opportunities. You will see the children’s learning and experiences come to life though stories, photos and other creative ways in the environment.

At Excel, our children take responsibility for their health, hygiene and personal care and become mindful of their own and others’ safety. Routines provide opportunities for children to learn about health and safety. Good nutrition is essential to healthy living and enables children to be active participants in play and leisure. We provide opportunities for children to experience a range of healthy foods and to learn about food choices from educators and other children.

Play, in all its dimensions, provides children with opportunities for communication, interaction, using their imagination, and development of problem solving skills. Play is important to the development of self-identity including a sense of personal empowerment, purpose, having a positive outlook, and understanding the responsibilities of belonging to  community.   Children need effective communication skills to facilitate and maintain relationships with both peers and adults. Their natural curiosity and willingness to explore lends itself to the sharing of new ideas. In the exchange of thoughts and feelings, and by participating in collaborative activities, children are provided with opportunities to act as respectful listeners as well as thoughtful contributors. The diverse range of backgrounds, abilities, and interests that are represented within the classroom environment teaches children to adjust their communication style to be able to effectively relate to those around them.

Our educators help to provide both an environment and a set of experiences that are designed to optimize the learning of the School-Agers in our program. The support that is provided to our students helps them to experience a sense of security and belonging within the classroom community which enables them to develop elements of citizenship such as empathy, responsibility, moral reasoning, and ethical behavior.


Technology:  Access to digital technology encourages new ways of thinking and communicating and provides children with the ability to locate new resources and make connections with others outside of their own community.

Homework Support- Excel realizes that the ability to provide homework support is an important component for many families with children enrolled in our School-Age Program. Therefore, our educators may provide opportunities, space, supplies, and assistance as part of the afterschool program. Please consult with your Center Director for specifics regarding homework support.

Excursions:  Excursions can play an important roles in enhancing learning within the School-Age program, and provide an opportunity for change in the normal environment and routine. Our Summer program incorporates both special hands-on activities at our facilities, as well as planned excursions to offer a fun-filled vacation for our school-agers.

Transportation:  Transportation to and from local Elementary Schools is included in the cost of tuition for School-Agers at Excel Learning Center. Excel utilizes a variety of vehicles, including buses, mini-buses, and 15 passenger vans, in order to provide safe transportation for our School-Aged students. Please consult with your facility’s administrator for information concerning schools served.

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